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Why Get Freelancing?

The community was founded on the idea that if one of us succeeds, it's great for freelancing as a whole. It makes a freelancer that much more of an attractive solution for a business that needs some support. 

Let's do this together. The Get Freelancing Community brings a strategic mix of freelancers together to learn, share, collaborate and find jobs!

What You'll Get

Our community is a little different from anything else that's out there for freelancers. It's a celebration of the different ways we each do things and the unique and valuable skills we each bring to the table.

Here are a few of the things you’ll be able to do as a member of Get Freelancing:

  • Increase your confidence that the way you're doing it is the best way for you and for a client with industry-specific training and insight
  • Build your own network of freelancers, and get more in-depth "why" and "how" answers to your questions
  • Own a profile that's fully optimized to show your level and areas of expertise, pricing structure, availability timeline and links to your own website or portfolio

How it Works

In order to ensure everyone gets what they're looking for from the Get Freelancing Community, there are four separate spaces:

  • Founding Members: for the leaders of the community, access limited to the founder members
  • Freelancers: for all of the freelancers (of course)! This is where all of the collaboration, idea sharing, mastermind events and challenges happen. Both founders and freelancers have access.
  • Job Board: the only space that hirers can access. Any job posts and self promotion are reserved for this space. It's for freelance jobs only! All paid members can access this space.
  • Welcome: the free space in the community, where we share a taste of what it's like inside the paid members area, and resources specific to getting started.

When You Join Today

When you join Get Freelancing today, you’ll get access to:

  • Each other: In the early stages, the biggest benefit to this community will be answers to the questions we all have as freelancers, from fellow freelancers who might have experienced the same thing. 
  • Shared work: Offer your skills in exchange for services you need, fostering a support network of diverse freelancers. Discover the value of your skills outside traditional client relationships, building your network for referrals down the road.
  • Growth: This is a brand new community with a lot of potential. The vision is to attract hirers to a dynamic community of professionals of all levels and disciplines, so they can find exactly what they need.
  • Monthly masterminds and weekly challenges: Access community events, covering topics that range from boundaries and expectations, to structuring offerings for social media and podcasts, to the backend and legal side of your (and your clients') businesses.

What this is NOT:

  • A gateway to an upsell. After the monthly or annual membership option, this community is the one and only paid offering from Get Freelancing. No hidden agenda to sell a future course or higher-level membership.
  • Another Facebook group, or LinkedIn. The community is built around a single topic, and the structure allows it to serve the needs of various goals in the freelance field: Those looking for work, looking to collaborate and inspire, and those looking to hire.
    • There are designated spaces for each, with customizable notifications, so you control what you see and how you participate!

Access a freelancer plan with a FREE TRIAL!

In a trial membership, you'll see the exact same content that's available in a subscription. We welcome you to take a look around, stream some of the past events and join the conversations, all under your free trial. 

The community is at your disposal for two weeks, and there are no hard feelings if you decide it's not for you! If you cancel before your trial is over, you won't be charged. 

If you're not ready for a free trial, you can check out the welcome area to see what we've got to share!